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Compliance and Donald Trumps spoiled child

by Kim Sindberg | October 14, 2016

[Disclaimer: The below views and information is not based on experience from one financial institution, but based on dialogues with numerous financial institutions from most parts of the world – during a long period of time.]


I once thought that the issue of regulatory compliance within Trade Finance would find its natural balance. Now; I hope it will – but I am by no means sure about it.

I thought that by starting to speak the “language” of compliance, by showing as honest and transparent as possible the risks and features of Trade Finance, by having an open mind as to the requirements etc. etc. the compliance officers and auditors and regulators would stop their constantly increasing of compliance requirements on the Trade Finance departments.

That was not correct – or rather: At least for the compliance officers and auditors that was not corr...Read The Full Post

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