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A blog is defined as a website containing the writer's own experiences, observations, opinions etc. Well ... If there is one thing that the trade finance industry can relate to it surely is opinions! However the opinions that will be shared on this blog will NOT be the official ICC opinions! But what will it be then? Well – only time will tell; but it may be anything from food for thought to an inspiration born out of a conversation to a comment on an Official ICC Opinion to ....

But first of all: It will be a bold attempt to go beyond rules and practices - and take a closer look at good versus bad banking practice! Bad practice may not be violating any rules but surely it is violating the industry. Bad trade finance practice is bad for trade finance! And sadly there are so much bad practice out there ... So many poorly issued LCs - so many downright wrong refusals .... That will be a main theme of this blog !! So now you are warned ..

But Huu I am forgetting my manners! I should of course have started with a “welcome” … or perhaps rather “welcome back!” … This is hereby done.

It may be that you followed lcviws.com in the past – or it may be that you are new to it. Either way know this: it is born out of true love for the trade finance business – and it is made in humble dedication to the founder of the online magazine LC Views; Mr. Ravi Mehta. Although many things have changed since the first LC Views in September 2004 – the foundation for lcviews.com is the same: Eagerness, dedication… and true love.

Of course this blog is only one of the legs that makes lcviews.com strong. Take a closer look – and I am sure you will find the other legs … and I hope that you will like it so much that you can not help returning and returning and returning …

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