Ready for another episode

I am a great fan to television series! Dexter, Breaking Bad, 24, Prison Break …. And what have you … Okay there I said it …..


If you have the same interest I am sure you know the situation where one episode has just ended – and you simply cannot wait to start the next one. You simply must know right now how it all continues.


On this day I have the same feeling. 2013 is about to end …. And I am desperately looking for the disc called “2014.”


2013 has been a great year – and I cannot wait to see what 2014 will bring. From a trade finance perspective 2013 has been interesting, great, surprising, confusing  (continue the list yourself) … and so many things may or may not materialise in 2014 … and so many new topics, twists, questions, discussions and angles will emerge from the energy and enthusiasm of all the great trade finance specialists around the world.


Let me just “throw” some topics at you that I am sure will be on the “2014” disc:


* How will the BPO evolve during 2014?


* Will multi bank platforms continue to grow – in reach and interest?


* Will the DOCDEX rules be updated – and will that increase the interest in this Dispute Resolution mechanism?


* Will the issue of “commercial weight” continue to haunt us?


* Will lcviews grow?


* Will there be a void after DCInsight has published its last issue? How to fill it?


* Is it possible still to come up with new LC questions?


… and again … continue the list yourself!


It is indeed a never-ending list – and personally I am eager to see how these and other issues evolve – and do the best I can to help them evolve in a good direction. I.e. a direction where the mantra is “good banking practice” …


That will be my mantra in 2014.


I hope that you will join me.


I thank you deeply for your support during 2013 – and wish you and your loved ones a Happy New Year!


And do not forget to take care of each other and the LC.


Best regards



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