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Welcome .... back   2012-08-24 
Sanctions according to the ICC  2012-09-24 
ICC Opinions – means to an end?  2012-09-28 
SingleWindow Q&A has been re-launched  2012-10-04 
Why the BPO/TSU should be a big “YES THANK YOU”  2012-10-10 
BPO/TSU versus Bolero  2012-10-16 
Trade Sanctions – the cure or the disease?   2012-10-24 
I surrender (my B/L)  2012-10-29 
LC disputes – is DOCDEX the answer?  2012-11-06 
“The Carrier” – or “As Carrier?”  2012-11-09 
So many words ....  2012-11-23 
MT798 – a universal standard for corporates?  2012-12-04 
Hong Kong is Hong Kong is Hong Kong is China …  2012-12-13 
Dear user of  2012-12-27 
What will 2013 bring?  2013-01-03 
In the World of paradigms from another World  2013-01-08 
TFPD_01: On board bills of lading for multimodal transports  2013-01-09 
TFPD_02: ICC can only make money by high priced publications and hard protected copyrights – part 1 of 2  2013-01-16 
TFPD_02: ICC can only make money by high priced publications and hard protected copyrights – part 2 of 2   2013-01-18 
TFPD_03: ICC rule making – it takes the time it takes  2013-01-23 
TFPD_04: ICC Opinions are ICC Opinions are ICC Opinions  2013-01-29 
TFPD_05: The LC is an old fashioned instrument that must be replaced by more up to date instruments  2013-02-07 
TFPD_06: Here we use guarantees. Here we use standby LCs  2013-02-14 
TFPD_07: The freight forwarder is an intermediary  2013-02-22 
TFPD_08: A compliance check with a “hit” is a sanction breach  2013-02-28 
TFPD_09: The UCP 600 and ISBP are impossible books to read – part 1 of 2  2013-03-07 
TFPD_09: The UCP 600 and ISBP are impossible books to read – part 2 of 2  2013-03-14 
Is a Duplicate a Duplicate or an Original or???  2013-03-22 
ISBP 745 from a transport angle  2013-04-02 
Guarantees and court intervention without fraud  2013-04-08 
TFPD_10: Cash management and trade finance – an odd couple  2013-04-12 
DOCDEX – soon to be reborn?  2013-04-23 
The Second Unfair Yes-Vote  2013-05-02 
“Commercial Weight” the universal LC challenge  2013-05-13 
Drafts …. my worst LC nightmare!  2013-05-22 
If You Love Somebody Set Them Free  2013-05-27 
The Invisible Article – 2.0  2013-05-31 
Movements  2013-06-04 
Overturned ICC Opinions  2013-06-13 
Documents acceptable as presented  2013-06-21 
The problem is the people. The solution is the people  2013-06-28 
The UCP 600 Gatekeeper  2013-07-10 
Have a nice summer  2013-07-19 
The blind angle(s) of the UCP 600  2013-08-13 
International Banking Practice versus International Banking Practice  2013-09-02 
New ICC Opinions – New Issuing Bank Craziness  2013-09-04 
ICC Opinion TA786 Revisited  2013-09-13 
LC Blues  2013-09-20 
MT700 or MT760 or ISO 20022 – that’s the question  2013-09-25 
Compliance – revisited  2013-10-11 
Insurance and (apparently) original signature  2013-10-16 
ICC Banking Commission meeting in retrospect – part 1  2013-10-29 
ICC Banking Commission meeting in retrospect – part 2  2013-11-08 
ICC Banking Commission meeting in retrospect – part 3  2013-11-25 
Expired LCs  2013-12-06 
I am high risk!  2013-12-16 
Ready for another episode  2013-12-30 
New Draft Opinions & North European Port & LC Radar  2014-03-05 
How to examine a copy invoice?  2014-03-12 
Friday thoughts & looking forward to Dubai  2014-04-04 
Home from Dubai- hopeful and tired  2014-05-06 
When West is North - TA.796rev  2014-05-15 
Is it a Charter Party B/L – or is it a B/L issued subject to a Charter Party?  2014-05-19 
lcviews premium launched  2014-06-02 
lcviews premium – an example: Non-Documentary Conditions  2014-06-11 
I am high risk! – Part 2  2014-06-13 
“Pre-summer-vacation-ICC-Opinion-Review” #1  2014-07-15 
“Pre-summer-vacation-ICC-Opinion-Review” #2  2014-07-15 
“Pre-summer-vacation-ICC-Opinion-Review” #3  2014-07-16 
“Pre-summer-vacation-ICC-Opinion-Review” #4  2014-07-17 
The Istanbul Draft Opinions has landed  2014-09-21 
Black Friday Discrepancy  2014-09-26 
Practice and rules – unsynchronised  2014-10-09 
ICC meeting long gone – and I am still rumpled  2014-12-14 
What’s Behind a Name, or Why Documentary Credits are so Modern  2015-02-02 
UCP 700 – on the table?  2015-02-10 
ICC Opinions are ICC Opinions are ICC Opinions  2015-03-25 
(FCL) For CLarification (please)  2015-03-29 
FCL -v- CY – a great wrong was done!  2015-04-24 
Payment at sight... long or short sight?  2015-05-21 
Singapore ICC Opinions are out  2015-06-15 
A wrong being fixed!  2015-08-19 
814 + 820 3rd revision is out  2015-10-28 
ICC BC Meeting 2015 November Paris CANCELLED  2015-11-15 
lcviews White Paper on Trade Finance Compliance  2015-11-27 
lcviews on compliance: Sanctions handling by banks  2015-12-01 
Ronald Levy Katz – Rest In Peace  2015-12-11 
Favourable risk profile of Trade Finance  2015-12-18 
Revolving credits  2016-01-25 
The Final Paris Opinions  2016-02-09 
Focus on Trade Finance Fraud  2016-04-06 
The controversial "Weight Opinion"  2016-04-10 
Final Opinions from the ICC BC Meeting 2016 April Johannesburg  2016-05-18 
Breaking: The ICC Banking Commission withdraws ICC Opinion 470/TA.842rev.  2016-05-31 
ICC Banking Commission; I am at your service  2016-07-08 
out on VACATION  2016-07-16 
UCP 700 – off the table?  2016-10-06 
Compliance and Donald Trumps spoiled child  2016-10-14 
The Rome ICC Opinions are out  2016-11-15 
No, a document – not a Draft!  2016-11-17 
The “copy invoice” that came home  2016-11-20 
How ”risky” is Trade Finance actually?  2017-01-31 
Trade Finance Transaction Monitoring  2017-02-06 
Bankers and the market price of the goods  2017-02-09 
Guide to a 100% letter of credit conform Air Waybill  2017-03-23 
The Case of the 8 Containers  2017-04-12 
The UCP 600 Revision – Now you see it. Now you don’t  2017-04-24 
The new ICC Opinions are out  2017-09-07 
Combating Trade Based Money Laundering: Rethinking the Approach  2017-09-18 
The High Risk Ghost in Trade Finance  2017-10-17 

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The High Risk Ghost In Trade Finance
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The New Icc Opinions Are Out
The Ucp 600 Revision – Now You See It. Now You Don’t
The Case Of The 8 Containers

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