ICC Banking Commission; I am at your service

Yesterday it was announced that the ICC Banking Commission appoints two technical advisors:




Two quotes from the announcement:


“Nicole Keller and Balasubramani Ramaswamy Venugopal hand over the baton to Kim Sindberg and Glenn Ransier after three years service.”


“ICC has also announced that Dave Meynell will remain Senior Technical Advisor and the return of Gary Collyer who will work with the Senior Technical Advisor to ensure a consistent style and approach across the body of opinions.”


It is most likely not a surprise to anyone that – for me – this is a main goal achieved – in fact a dream come true. As such I have (only) had two main goals in my professional life (or perhaps 3; but the 3 third is hard to measure – so I will keep that to myself for now).


The first goal was formulated when I attended a seminar with Reinhard Längerich. It must have been end 1993; and he was introducing the “new” version of the UCP .. namely the UCP 500. After that I told myself that that job I want …. and I want to be doing that! At that time I worked as a Freight Forwarder, so really a crazy goal to set …


However, when the UCP 600 came into force that was my job; I had taken over from Reinhard who had become my mentor and friend … and I was traveling the country giving UCP 600 seminars …. Mission complete. Or rather; between 1993 and 2007 a passionate love/hate relationship with the ICC Opinions had emerged. I was member of the Banking Commission, and from the floor watched Gary Collyer thinking that job I want …. and I want to be doing that!


So – as of yesterday: Mission 2 completed.


Or rather mission 2 launched! Because I did not want this for the sake of the title. I wanted this because I thought – and still think – I can do a real difference from that position. At least I will work dedicated to make a real difference.


I will work dedicated to:


* Support the Trade Finance community

* Enhance the perception of the LC as a reliable and strong payment instrument

* Fight the crazy discrepancies that are totally out of line with the applicable rules and practice

* Secure that ICC Opinions are predictable, with strong and clear arguments based on the applicable rules and practices

* Build bridges between Trade Finance and other industries such as the transport industry and the insurance industry

* Prioritize the long-term goal over the quick win (that may seem right at the time, but is not).

* Take good care of the LC


That is what you can expect.


During the day I have been flooded with “congratulations”. I am really happy about that – and thank you all. I really cherish each and every one of them. They remind me of the responsibility that goes with this. I approach this in a humble and dedicated manner.

And of course: It will be a great pleasure working with Dave, Glenn and Gary. I really look forward to that.


I would like to share with you one mail from a good friend of mine. I will read this from time top time when the tough gets going.



Do not do your best. Reserve your energy. Just do what is necessary at the minimum.


You have much to do and for a long time to come. It is not a 100-meter run but a marathon and you will run that marathon.


Thus start slowly and keep your pace.


Your presence itself is reassuring to a lot of people including me.



P.s. You deserve where you are. And we in the international banking community are lucky to have you as our Technical Advisor.


For once in its history, the Banking Commission seems to know what it is doing.



And with that I wish you all a great weekend, and do not forget to take care of each other and the LC.


Kind regards



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