Final Opinions from the ICC BC Meeting 2016 April Johannesburg

The Final Opinions from the ICC BC Meeting in Johannesburg (April 4 – 7-2016) has (finally) been distributed.


The Draft Opinions discussed were 841-844 & 846-851. Opinion 845 was withdrawn before the meeting as it involved on-going litigation.


The Draft Opinions were presented by ICC Technical Advisers Nicole Keller and Balasubramani Ramaswamy Venugopal. Senior Technical Adviser David Meynell was not able to attend.


The following opinions were discussed/approved at the meeting:


TA.832rev2 (The draft opinion initiated a long discussion (about 1 hour))




TA.842rev (This draft opinion initiated a long discussion. No conclusion was taken, and the Draft Opinion was to be circulated to the ICC National Committees together with the comments (for and against) made at the meeting, asking for additional comments. However the final version was part of the Final Opinions).








TA.847rev (This is the first BPO query)




Comments to the remaining opinions:


TA.849rev: Based on the changes proposed and the discussion in Johannesburg a revised wording will be drafted; furthermore, the Legal Working Group will be consulted.


TA.850: This query will be handled as an Educational Query hence withdrawn as an official opinion of the Banking Commission.


TA.851rev: Additional information provided by ICC Singapore and proposed changes as presented in Johannesburg will be incorporated.


TA.849rev and 470/TA.851rev will be redistributed with the draft opinions for the November 2016 Banking Commission meeting in Rome.


Reviews of the new ICC Opinions are already available at lcviews Premium.


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  • RUPNARAYAN BOSE on 2016-10-07 10:54pm
    Thanks - as always - for the update. Greatly appreciated. Wish there were more details. Best regards

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